Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD20
Remixes of Orchid-Star’s second album Faster from Squazoid, Trancient Dreams, Moai System and, from within Orchid-Star, Pete Ardron, Sean Spindrift and Pete with SandRa
Faster Reimagined – full album (including pdf booklet)
Brighter (Slow Version) (6:47)
Shouty One (Sean Spindrift Remix) (8:07)
A Better Ride (Squazoid Remix) (5:27)
Surya (DnB Mix) (6:05)
Puja (Trancient Dreams Remix) (9:05)
Lotus Bloom (Pete Ardron & SandRa Remix) (6:50)
Barefoot (Sean Spindrift Remix) (8:40)
Prchla (Moai System Remix) (6:03)
Orchid-Ska (Gig Version) (6:16)
Dans La (Inny’s Thankyou Mix) (5:59)


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