Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD18
Originally released Oct 27th 2008
2020 Reissue released Nov 6th 2020
Orchid-Star took the track Passion, from their first album Birth, and produced a very different version for their only single, featuring rapper Rogue, daughter of the band’s guitarist and bassist Pierre Luigi.
The single was originally released in 2008 by Archangel^ Recordings but it disappeared from stores after a few months when distributor Pinnacle went bust.
In time for a long overdue re-release they’ve given the main (Mirror) mix, and it’s extended version, a bit of a touch-up.
The single also includes a radio edit of the original version and additional mixes from Sarah E, Blackmarc and SlyOne vs Jurrane with Orchid-star’s Becky Dell

Passion – full 7-mix single
Passion (Mirror Mix – feat. Rogue) (3.50)
Passion (Birth Mix – Radio Edit) (3.48)
Passion (Sarah E Matrix Remix – feat. Rogue) (4:13)
Passion (Blackmarc Remix) (5:12)
Passion (Sarah E Asteroid Mix) (5:38)
Passion (Sly One vs Jurrane with Becky Dell Remix) (7:46)
Passion (Extended Mirror Mix – feat. Rogue) (7:12)


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