Ensancha El Alma Records EEACD11
Pete’s first solo album since Unexpected Pleasures is another collection of mostly chilled, sometimes dancy tunes with his usual blend of world, (Indian, African, celtic and more), psychedelic and classical threads.
The kernel around which this album formed is the three-part Requiem for a Buddleia written for the Parachute set at Whirl-Y-Fayre 2022, his first solo gig in 26 years, and in memory of his mum, Jill, one of his dearest friends, Linda Ireneschild and his beloved buddleia tree, uprooted by Storm Ciara. All three parts feature Orchid-Star’s Samanta Ray on vocals (solo and choral)
Butterfly Tree – full album
Peacock Dawn (8:09)
Glyne Ridge (5:23)
An Empty Chair (6:31)
Upside Down Imposter Uncle (5:45)
Republic of Cats (6:51)
Red Fuschia Interlude (3:21)
Long-Tailed Tits and Tiger Moths (4:48)
Imba (6:21)
Requiem for a Buddleia (part 1) ft. Samanta Ray (5:41)
Requiem for a Buddleia (part 2) ft. Samanta Ray (7:46)
Requiem for a Buddleia (part 3) ft. Samanta Ray (6:43)
Requiem for a Buddleia (complete) ft. Samanta Ray (20:09)
Parts 1-3 of Requiem for a Buddleia and the complete version are identical but the complete version will avoid those small but slightly irritating gaps between mp3s. Both versions are included with the full album.