Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD05R2
(remastered 2017)
Music for meditation based on the internal mathematics of crystals

Everything, when it comes to it, boils down to numbers – music and crystals in more obvious ways than most.
We respond very naturally to the simple mathematical relationships inherent in all music – even a single note. The more exotic we make the maths – the more exotic the response.

Whereas we might not all readily be able to ‘tune-in’ to a crystal, we will, at least subconsciously, absorb the numbers in this music, and the framework – the matrix – they form, may hopefully help us to align ourselves to the crystals, like moving a TV aerial to get a better picture.

I’m not a crystal user and make no claims about whether this works, but it did earn me an Hon PhD from the UK School of Esoteric Crystal Sciences!

Crystal Matrices – full album
Intro (cubic) – Pyrite (4:18)
Main Theme (hexagonal) – Quartz (20:26)
Main Theme (cubic) – Zircon (17:28)
Outro (cubic) – Garnet (4:17)
Epilogue (hexagonal) – Amethyst (2:34)