Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD21
In 1996 a dying hard-drive stopped Glow from properly finishing our first album. When we put out what should have been our second, Almost Forgetting to Breathe, we started selling cassettes of the unfinished first at gigs, as ‘Unavailable at all Good Record Shops’, and even put a mastered version out on CDR when we released our third, Enfeiticada – both of which were very dubious decisions considering just how bad some of the mixes were.
The album has now been reconstructed using the original 8-track recordings, live backing tracks, tiny portions of the original mixes and a small amount of programming to replace missing parts.
Unavailable at All Good Record Shops (2021 Resurrection) – full album (including pdf booklet)
Ela É Mar (8:16)
Yeh! (6:41)
Já Não Sei (7:11)
Alien Dream (7:09)
E Mais (9:47)
Glide (7:44)
Nearly Home (9:15)

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