Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD11
Orchid-Star’s Pete Ardron has come together with singer, snake and fire dancer and Kundalini instructor Kwali Kumara to produce an album which wears 2 hats equally comfortably. Each track is built round an 11 minute repeated mantra delivered in such a way that they can be used easily in a Kundalini meditation context but put aside whatever preconceptions that might give you – anybody familiar with Pete’s other work will see the same ecstatic blend of psychedelic, world and classical, electronic and acoustic, in these six beautiful, intense musical journeys – this is most definitely also music for the listener (and dancer!) – psy-chill, dub, liquid drum & bass, progressive and other grooves wrapped in orchestral layers and sprinkled with Indian and Celtic colours.
Exalted – full album
Bliss (Rakhe Rakhanhar) (12:08)
Strength (Gobinday Mukanday) (11:29)
Joy (Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru) (11:38)
Courage (Chattr Chakkr Varti) (11:42)
Energy (Adi Shakti) (11:30)
Abundance (Har) (11:44)

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