Pink Hampster

Pete Ardron

Pete Ardron - Aria
Pete Ardron
CDR and digital album
Pink Hampster Recordings - PHCD07/PHCD07

Released 2005

This was Pete's second album of tracks written for DJ sets in the chill-out room at Planet Angel and at Planet Angel Chilled, all written between 2002 and 03.
This was Pete's last album before Orchid-Star and contains tracks with both Myo and Samanta Ray, and 2 other tracks featured in Orchid-Star live sets early on, including long-time favourite Vision
The album was released under license by US label Cyberset in 2009 but has now returned to Pink Hampster for a 2020 re-release.

1. Vision (feat. Lorna Driver-Davies)
2. Return to Ibu-at (feat. Myo)
3. Shimmer (feat. Lionel Rosenfeld & The Shabaton Choir)
4. Is 2
5. Chatoyant (feat. Samanta Ray)
6. Snap Outta That Funk (feat. Amazirée)
7. Risen
8. Ripples in the Sand
9. Soul (feat. Jools Hamshere)
10. Sapphires (feat. Dawn Kelly)

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