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Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron

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Kwali Kumara (a.k.a. Kwali Lox) has been a familiar figure on the psy scene for many years as a dancer and performance artist, often seen accompanied by some of her family of snakes. She is also a renowned Kundalini yoga instructor with a large following in London.

Pete and Kwali have been friends for many years but this is the first time they've worked together, although Pete's first commmissioned remix was for Kwali's single Psyberspace on Archangel.

Pete lifetime interest in the transformational, spiritual side of music meant that this was a project he jumped at the chance to work on. Originally planned as a one-off the project has gone so well and so easily(!) that a second album Ecstatic will be released in 2018 and plans for a third, plus a more ambient album are under way.

Kwali Kumara

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