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Glow and the Department of Luminosity

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With the release of the new versions on Pink Hampster CDs of Glow albums will no longer officially be available but email if you're desperate!
Glow Glow was formed from a writing partnership started in 1993 between Pete Ardron and Maria Joao Branco when they were joined by multi-instrumentalist Karl Walinets, primarily on bass. Along with Karl the other long time core writer member was percussionist Bagz who was invited to join shortly before he was legally allowed to get in most of the venues they played!
On stage they were joined by a variety of vocalists, (including Myo, now in Orchid-Star with Pete) and instrumentalists - known as the Dept. of Luminosity - as well as about 11 belly dancers over the years. They were well known on the Global-Dance/World-Fusion scene including 2 consecutive years at WOMAD, who broke their usual rules to allow them back after a gig on one of the smaller stages became the talk of the 1998 festival
They stopped gigging in 2000 but released their 3rd album along with properly mastered versions of the first 2 finally in 2002

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